Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dawning of a new era????

Yes history was made today....now here is where people will go insane....it is the same history that has been made just about every 4 years prior to this one. We have new president, the odd thing people are focusing on his ethnicity, but this is the problem, this should not be our focus but that we have a new President, and that is all. This shows me that as much "progress" we have claimed to made, this focus shows, that we haven't moved that far. Did I vote for President Barack Obama, NO, did i vote for John McCain, again NO. I didn't vote this year, now many may say I have no right to complain, but pardon me but I have every right to complain, I did not vote because there wasn't a candidate that I felt strong enough that reflected my ideas, philosophies, political views, etc. that I felt deserved my vote. I could have voted for Mickey Mouse as a sign of protest but what would that have proven because A. no one would know B. I couldn't prove I did anyway and C. Mickey gets a very small amount of votes to do any good anyway.

Back to the original point though, if we as a country at first at the world later, would focus away from ethnicity, sex, religious preference, etc. and the more important things such as whether or not this person really has me and my families best interest in mind and are they going to do what the oath they take lays out, that is it; I don't care about anything else. Unfortunately I am in the worst position, according to society right now, I am an Anglo-Saxon white protestant male which means I am supposed to say nothing, that is bogus and a violation of my rights but no one cares about that. I may not agree with things people such as Michael Richards, Don Imus, etc. have said but I do defend they have the right to say it, they are no more racist than a black, African-American, whatever you want to use comic that makes remarks about white, Caucasian, again whatever you want to use in they way we talk, dance, play sports, etc. Racism is not just the degrading of an ethnicity but also the promotion of an ethnicity over another. So if one is allowed all should be allowed. For example yesterday was the day observed for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and while yes he was a part of the civil rights movement he was not "the" civil rights movement, there were others before and after him, of various races and genders. What people fail to realize is that on his own he did nothing, it took a legislative body to create and pass the laws that made the changes, not a guy making speeches. I disagree with this holiday only because it is ignoring all the others that had something to do with the civil rights movement and all it is is an appeasement holiday nothing more. Why not a National Civil Rights Day, that would make more sense, and is something for all of us not trying to promote one over another and as I indicated that is racist, sorry but it is true.

Our nation will not be truly great until we stop trying to make everyone feel good and be happy by stomping on everyone we want to. Language is a big part of this, but now we can't say anything because it may hurt someone else feelings. That is censorship and that is never good because once we embrace it then we move closer to socialism and complete government control. A filmmaker I enjoy stated when talking to a lesbian during a Q&A "All I can do is make movies the way I wanna make them...the way I wanna see them,as entertaining as possible...." and he is right, and to tell him or any other film/tv/print/radio writer you can't do this or that is censorship. People need to realise we have the power to turn it off or put it down, so if you hear Imus say something turn it off. If a book or article offends your put it down. If a film has something that bothers you don't see it. You have the power to do it, don't give it up so easily.

We are a young great nation and hopefully we will reach our full potential. So today let us honor our new President and give him our hope, loyalty and prayers, and it is a great day because with new leaders comes a new approach (maybe it is what we need) because either it will show us a new and better way and be good or a new and better way because it will be bad, but we will move forward. I honor him not because he is black but he has the desire to do a job that if everyone knew the stress no one would want. Bless him and his family, and lets see in 4 years where we stand if better keep him if not get someone new, but not because he is (insert favorite ethnic phrase here) but because we agree or disagree with his stances.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

OK She finally won!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK here you are my first blog ever and all of you who read are so lucky or so cursed take your pick. As stated in my title the truth as I see it here goes todays truth. This issue has bugged me for a long time and the only thing I know to call it is the "self-importance factor"; if you don't know what that is see if this helps: do you ever feel that because of some item, characteristics, or other symbol that you are more important than others; if so then guess what you are tragically diagnosed with "self-importance factoritis" but it is cureable. I know a lot of people read this and think "no way, not me" but it happens more than you think and stems from several things from your job, you bank account (this is a really bad one), who your family is, or where you went to school; and even though you may not see it you might have acted under this condition and not known it. Try this next time your in the mall, office, etc. and you see a person on the janitorial staff say "hello" or even worse the next time you see this person working (if you do see them on a regular basis) ask yourself what is their name <- got a lot of you with these didn't I. Just because someone is in a service position makes them no less important than the CEO. I have had the crap jobs and have finally moved into a company where I have potential to move up the ladder, I'm not at the top but I can at least see it and it is not out of reach. Some people genuinely don't show this issue for example one of the VPs for my company actually shocked and scared me when I was going to lunch and said "hey Aaron, how are you?", I have never met this man before but he knew who I was and he was many promotions away from where I could be but he still took the time to know who his employees are. On the flip side in my previous industry (hotels) I actually had members who belonged to our rewards club and would be the highest level and you could tell they would actually want me to kick out someone so they could have a room and it didn't matter if it was mom and dad with 2 or 3 kids or not, then they would want an upgrade to a jacuzzi room. Has it bad doesn't he. Now you might ask yourself why do I write this self-damning piece to point out our pride in being the level we are in, but that is not the goal, take pride in who you are and where you are but don't forget the people under you are probably the ones holding you up. This belief stems from my faith and I tell anyone that before God we are all the same, sinners with no way on our own to save our selves, and that salvation is from Christ and Christ alone. So the next time you get gas, eat at a resteraunt, or even go to work and see some "lower" than yourself remember that is a person with feelings, hopes, dreams, and more importantly is on the same playing field as you in God's eyes and might have that step over you if they have received the Grace that came through the Cross and you have not so even though in this life you have the one up, it doesn't mean it will always be that way. That's the truth as I see it.

Aaron J. Howe